Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I love to color block so I had to show you ladies a example of color blocking. I took this purple satin top and matched it with this aqua pencil skirt. I love these two colors together they blend so nicely together. Well I didn't want to stop there so I added this floral print blazer. I love to have fun when styling and add a little of me in it. I think black jewelry does good because it tones down our set while still letting the set do its thing. The taupe and black pumps look great and make the outfit look even sexier. To me the taupe also shines the focus on the colors in or set without over doing it.You can chose to do all black shoes as well. A black or taupe clutch or handbag would look nice with this set to. If you like this set and want to know more about each piece,prices, or want to purchase click this link:

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