Monday, January 28, 2013

I wanted to create a set that would exhibit how to show a woman how to be comfortable, but still show her fashionista side . Which is why I chose this  peach studded shirt and match it with a pair of green skinny jeans. I love this color combo together. The green really pops the peach top and I wanted to add the khaki faux fur coat to balance the colors out. You can also do a black,navy,white,or if you crazy about color you can add another pop color. I know when you look at the set you automatically think to do black or brown shoes. I  wanted to do the opposite of what is expected, and I added royal blue flats to my set. Black,tan,navy, red, or khaki would do great to. I added a darker khaki purse to bring out the lighter faux fur coat. I chose to keep it simple and just add a ring to the set, but again a necklace,bracelet,or whatever accessory you chose will do to.If you would like more info on each piece or prices click this link: Also if you need to chat with me or need my help on any set or just have question email me at or

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