Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ok ladies who loves plaid as much as I do??? I had to take this plaid t-shirt and see what I could come up with. I love this set it has to be one of my favs. So lookin at the shirt first off you see its mix with blue and white,but what is hard to see is it has purple tied in as well. WELL ATLEAST FOR THE LADIES WHO HAVE TROUBLE SEEING LIKE MYSELF.Now ladies with this shirt you can choose to go with just about any color jeans,skirts, or shorts,but I wanted to pull my purple out. I love bright colors so I went with a neo purple plus it highlights the plaided shirt more. I chose to tone things down by bringing in a navy crepe waterfall jacket. The shape of jacket definitly will give that curve shape in your waist. I didn't want a loose fit jacket or blazer. I chose to go with silver jewelry and bring my puple in as well. A white bag would go great,but again ladies it's up to your choice of color. I also chose to go with a nice two tone navy wedge to finish my look off. Ladies this look can be dressy casual,edgy, or girly/guy look.  I went with a dressy casual approach. any question please email me at or if you would like more info on the set and items click this link:

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