Thursday, September 26, 2013


Fall is finally here and I must say I'm excited. I'm ready for some cooler days my way. Even though summer is over that doesn't mean we have to put all our summer clothes away. I mix and match my summer tops all the time with the different seasons. Shorts are defiinitley a piece we can play with for the early part of Fall. I chose to style these mustard colored denim shorts. This color is so pretty for the Fall and I went with some other Fall colors like pea green,burnt orange,brown, and plum purple. I love my denim so when I saw this denim top I wanted it to be apart of my set with the denim shorts. You can chose to tuck the top in or leave it whatever feels comfortable and fits your style. I chose to go with a scarf, but you can do this look with or without a scarf. I just wanted to match up with my shoes and bring my green out. You can do this with any shoe, I Chose a flat  shoe because I wanted my look to be relaxed and comfortable.  I've been waiting to break out my tights so I had to put it apart of the set. With the shorts for fall tights go perfect for the legs you can even play with some printed tights. I paired this cardigan with my look , but again it depends on the temperature and what look your going for. If you have any question about this look or want a similar look email me or You can send pictures to me and I can help style any look.If you like this set and the pieces in it and want more information or where to shop to get this look click here:

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