Sunday, October 6, 2013

I love this look because it's a edgy look, but still comfortable and sexy. I love rocking all black its a color that you can definitley play around with, or keep it simple. I chose to play with my neutrals by adding a touch of grey to my look as well as a splash of my favorite color this fall burgundy(jacket). If I were rocking this look I would definitley do a smokey eye look with my hair pulled up. I think this adds to the edgy look were going for. If you wear lipstick do a bold color to add that sexy pop to your look. Keep in mind ladies you can do any color you choose with black.This is just a look I put together and how I would style this top and jeans. If you would like more ways to style black and some ideas how to get a certain look please email me at or Also if you want to get this look or any of the pieces click this link:

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