Friday, September 20, 2013

Floral print pant

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I am in love with colored jeans and I love prints no matter what it is. When I saw these floral print pants I went crazy. I know alot of women look at these jeans and think what in the world can I do with these. This print can actually be matched with many colors and styled many different ways.I think they can go for spring and fall. I was feeling like spring when I styled this. I went with a coral pink top , like I said any color could do but I love this style of this top. I decided to use the coral pink with the shoes, accessories, and bag. You can even tone the jean down by playing with your neutrals with this print. This pant is gorgeous have fun with it. If you like the items in the set and want the designers,cost and similar pieces check this link:  click on each piece and it will take you to the website where you can browse for that item or check out other clothing. If you ever find a website that you like a piece on let me know the site and I can clip it to my board and give you ideas. Email me for more info on how I can help create a look for you. Also send me pictures of things your not sure on how to style to my email.

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