Saturday, November 2, 2013

Printed Sweater

I love this sweater when I saw it and had to style it. I love the colors and floral print in this sweater. This can go with dress pants, jeans, shorts, or a skirt like I did here. I choose this orange ponyskin block skirt. I wanted a bold bright color bottom to go with this shirt. So this orange went awesome with it as well as I wanted to bring forth the blue in the sweater so I chose the babyblue purse.These colors really pop with the colors in the sweater. Naturally you might pair this with a black shoe, but I chose a pair of grey cowboy looking boot. This is another neutral besides black that goes well with all the bold colors were working with. A tan shoe or khaki would go great with this look as well. You can rock tights with this look also on a chili day, but I chose to go without them. I topped it off with a couple of hats I couldn't decide which one, but either will do. Silver jewelry goes best with this look for me, but again your choice. A smokey eye look or natural soft look would go great as far as makeup. If you like this look and want any of the items or more info on each piece click this link: Also if you have any question please contact me through email shown on the blog. If you would like my style advice or help don't hesitate to email me.

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