Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Denim and Plaid

I love plaid and denim ladies and it's definitely making a statement this year. Sooo I thought it would be fun to take a pair of denim shorts and pair it with a denim vest. Ladies you can do same shade  of denim or two different shades of denim depends on your choice and the outfit. I chose to do something around the same color , but wanted the vest to be a little lighter. I added the military green booties because it blends with the  different shades of green in my plaid top. I also added a brighter green scarf to make the darker greens stand out more. You can choose to do this look with or without leggings,but I wanted to create a fall look so I chose to do it with the brown tights. I would leave the vest  unbuttoned and tuck the plaid shirt in, or  leave the shirt out and button the vest halfway . If you like this set and want to know more about each piece,price, or want to purchase click this link:

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