Monday, October 14, 2013

Ladies I get so happy when it's a cold or a chilly day because I get to wear my boots. I love boots in any style. I'm loving the high knee boots this year they really add that sex appeal to a look. In my set I chose some boots that should come about to the knee if not a little lower than the knee. I couldn't decide what color to go with for this set. I really would like to hear what my viewers think, so write me please!! I saw this leather pea green skirt and I had to style it. I use to hate pea green when I was kid ,but when I got into the fashion world it's amazing how so many colors go good with it. I choose to go with a orange long tee sweater, these colors really looked great together. I didn't choose a heavy sweater but a light weight grey cardigan to go with the look. I think the grey really balanced this color palette. I know it's not choice many would go with but grey is a nice neutral that alot people don't know what to do with it. You find that red,black, and white get paired with grey alot, but guess what you really can do more with grey, and that's what I wanted to show. I really think gold accessories go great with the green and orange, but silver will do or black. If you have more questions or want a look similar to this email me please. Im here to help with any fashion tips. If you like this look and want to buy or get more info on the pieces click this link and tap on the piece you like:

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